Welcome Bass Semi-Pro

Bass Semi-Pro
Bass Semi-Pro arrives in Buffalo... You thought it couldn't or wouldn't be done... It seemed more like a dream than a reality... But our city leaders in complete secrecy hammered out a deal with Eddy Dubinski and landed the first Bass Semi-Pro franchise to be located here in Buffalo New York.

Fishing Tacke and Delicious Pizza & Wings... What could go better together than Fishing Tackle and Pizza & Wings... Stop by on your way home from work for both some bait & some food... Early morning pizza for breakfast on your way to your favorite fishing spot!... Eddy Dubinski said he was working on a pizza that featured minnows rather than anchovies... He said "they are much lower in sodium and many do not enjoy the salty taste of anchovies".

"A Golden Moment for Buffalo"... It was a rare moment when none of our elected leaders personally wanted to take credit for this achievment... Speaking annonymously, one leading city official stated this was a "group effort" by City Hall & all the Council Members... It was all accomplished by a 3.4 million dollar stimulous grant. Details were not released as which companies would be awarded the construction grants.

A Booming Waterfront, Progress in Motion... We would just like to say that this is just another example of the stellar performance of our local official who had the vision and the foritude not to give up, but to keep at it until a deal was done. It just so happened, that the Tackle Shop was to be built upon land that was jointly owned by all the members of the Common Council and a few selected members of our local business community.