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Construction begins on the new Piece Bridge to Canada... Again, all the nay-sayers proved to be wrong as the construction of the new Piece Bridge to Canada was started this morning on the shores of the Niagara River.

One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure... City Leaders rallied behind the frustrated out cry of residents & paid an un-named consultant company a 6.5 million dollar fee (paid for by federal stimulous money) to design a bridge made from the discarded steel from dismantled bridges that were deemed unsafe by the Federal Transportation Agency.

"A Peace Bridge made from Pieces"... That is what contractor Samuel Sarcose calls it... "What I like is that the consultants/architects left most of the construction details up to us... In fact, they gave us a picture (seen above) with the instructions... "Make it look something like this"... They did ask us not to spend too much and told us where we could buy the distressed steel".

A Bi-Partison Effort... Leaders from both parties were proud of this amazing achievment sure to be a Buffalo Landmark for generations to come. Because of the secrecy of this project, many of our leaders (from both parties) we're members of the consultant group. Although some questioned the ethics or possible self interest in being on being both a politian & consultant, most members shrugged it off with a joint statment that claimed that there will always be those that are against real progress.

A Weathered Look... "We wanted a look that matched both the reputation and recalled the glory days of Buffalo back around the turn of the century"... That is why we went with the "Pieces" look... Not only that, but we also managed to save a considerable amount of money that we can use towards our next improvement project said a un-named spokesman for the Mayor's office.